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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Centre Wellington Ward 6, Denis Craddock

EloraFergusToday asked candidates in the upcoming municipal election to tell us a little bit about themselves and their platform
Centre Wellington Ward 6 candidate Denis Craddock

Name: Denis Craddock

Occupation: General manager of The Brew House on the Grand

How long have you lived in Centre Wellington? 11 years

Do you reside in the ward you are running in?  I do not. I did years ago. My Mom, sister, and in-laws do.

Why are you running in this election? I have the desire to make a positive impact in the community.  I thoroughly enjoy talking and listening to the public and believe that I would bring a positive energy and enthusiasm to council.

What qualifies you to represent your ward? I live and work in Centre Wellington. I’m raising my family here. The role of councillor is very akin to my job at the Brew House, just on a much larger scale. Hospitality and public service are all about the satisfaction of those that you are serving. I enjoy serving people.

Why should people vote for you? I will take the time to listen to members of the community, voice their concerns, and I will actively contribute to the solutions that best serve us all.

What do you see as the main issues facing residents of the ward? Over the past month of speaking with individuals in Ward 6 there were a couple of common concerns that were mentioned. They were closed bridges, the location of the proposed bypass and a lack of police presence in Belwood.

What do you see as the main issues facing residents of Centre Wellington on a broader scale? Healthy growth. I believe that managing our growth will be one of the most challenging responsibilities that the next council will be tasked with. 

What is the most important thing you want to see changed in Centre Wellington? I look forward to seeing a council that is less divided and more compatible. With the current list of candidates across all wards I’m confident that regardless of who wins on election day these individuals will work together to make decisions that are best for our community.

What services need to be improved in Centre Wellington? With the growth that Centre Wellington is experiencing and expected to see, I believe that infrastructure services need to be a priority.  Making sure that our roads are in good repair, our water supply is sufficient and safe and engineering is tackling all major projects in an environmentally safe manner.

Is Centre Wellington growing too fast, just the right amount, or not fast enough? I feel as if the current pace of growth is the right amount and will continue to be if managed correctly.

What can be done at the local level about the rising cost of housing? The next council should continue, and add to, the current strategic plan to do its best to ensure that the housing mix provides sufficient attainable housing. 

Do you support building a new $27 million operations centre? Yes, it is a hefty price tag, but my understanding is that by selling off the existing facilities the tax bill will not increase. Our current facilities are not sufficiently meeting our requirements and that burden will only increase as our growth increases.

How do we make Centre Wellington an even better place to live? By sharing a common vision. This takes engagement and understanding between government and residents.  Centre Wellington is already an incredible place to live. Working together and listening to each other will only help make it that much better.

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