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MEET THE CANDIDATE: County Ward 8, Melanie Flake

EloraFergusToday asked candidates in the upcoming municipal election to tell us a little bit about themselves and their platform
County of Wellington Ward 8 candidate Melanie Flake.

EloraFergusToday asked candidates in the upcoming municipal election to tell us a little bit about themselves and their platform.

Name: Melanie Flake

Occupation: Small business owner of an accounting company.

How long have you lived in Guelph/Eramosa? 10 years

Do you reside in the ward you are running in? Yes

Why are you running in this election? I’ve been inspired by my grandfather who was a town councillor in a small Northern Ontario town in the 60’s. He was dedicated, open-minded and always did his best for his constituents. If I am successful in this election, I will strive to do the same.

What qualifies you to represent your ward? My commitment to my community is strong. Over the years I have been involved with the GET Committee of Adjustment, the Rockwood Girl Guides and the Eden Mills Community Cemetery. Owning my own business for many years has meant I’ve had to be self motivated, results driven and a problem solver. All qualities that would serve me well as a councillor.

Why should people vote for you? I am interested in hearing from residents about what matters to them and if they have issues to be raised at council, I will be their voice.

What do you see as the main issues facing residents of the ward? Affordability of everyday purchases like groceries and gas. We need to promote shopping local and driving less. Access to local health care needs to be improved so that all local residents can have a family doctor. Unemployment or underemployment. Small businesses employ approximately 70 per cent of Canada’s workforce. Let’s get more to come to our community.

What do you see as the main issues facing residents of Guelph/Eramosa on a broader scale? Same as above.

What is the most important thing you want to see changed in Guelph/Eramosa? Do better to attract businesses, doctors and residents to the area.

What services need to be improved in Guelph/Eramosa? Services for seniors. Specifically, we need to work on supporting people to live in their own homes longer by making sure they have the care they need and have reliable transportation options while they continue to lead independent lives.

Is Guelph/Eramosa growing too fast, just the right amount, or not fast enough? Growth is just right but it could benefit with a more strategic approach. We’ve only had one subdivision constructed in my 10 years but the local amenities have not kept up the pace. This should be reviewed.

What can be done at the local level about the rising cost of housing? Property tax rebates for low-income households and to promote the building of accessory buildings (garden suites) on larger rural properties which would assist the many people looking to live in this area while, at the same time, providing a bit of extra income to the owner of the property.

Do speed limits need to be reviewed in Rockwood and the township? Speed limits could be assessed on an as needed basis.

How do we make Guelph/Eramosa an even better place to live? GET is already a great place to live. I came and stayed! We need to make it so that there is so much to see and do, a great place to both live and work, so that no one needs to leave. With more local businesses, better access to local healthcare and more services for seniors we will get there.