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Reasons Why Working with the Right Mortgage Broker is Important

Who’s taking care of your biggest asset’s value – your home?

With grumblings in the Toronto and Vancouver housing market about a real estate bubble, how will those markets affect home values in this area? Since a person’s home is often their largest asset, ensuring that that equity is protected is vital. But who’s in charge of protecting that value? Do we in fact have any control? A depreciation in your home’s value has a negative effect on your net worth but will it affect your monthly bills or your short terms financial situation?

Working with a mortgage broker who is always easy to reach and provides advice based on their relationship with you and not the bank is important. This is where our clients benefit from being with us during times of change!

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The Mortgage Centre (Guelph)
Mortgage Broker
Sandra Lastovic

Complementary Real Estate Services Inc. an independent franchise of the Mortgage Centre Network Lic#10242
I have an in-depth understanding of real estate investing, debt consolidation and selling and buying a home. The best part of my work is helping people be financially successful!The best part of my work at The Mortgage Centre is helping people be financially successful with the largest asset they normally own (their home) and the largest debt they have (their mortgage). It's a balancing act, but we're able to help almost anyone get ahead and pay off their debts quicker.

With almost 20 years of experience in mortgages, I have an in- depth understanding of real estate investing, buying your first home, debt consolidation and the basics of selling and buying a home.

We're process driven and detailed oriented, which means you'll have a smooth, stress free mortgage closing. A few things we normally discuss are:

- Choosing a mortgage that best suits your needs
- Awareness of different tax implications for different mortgages
- Impact of your credit rating in relation to the rate you will pay
- What home price range you qualify for
- Closing costs and ways to minimized the costs
- An understanding of the risks involved in the mortgage process.

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