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The Benefits to Upholstery Protector 🛋️

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Why should or why shouldn’t you scotchguard your couch? Flying Dutchman Cleaning has the answer!

Scotchguarding really does come down to personal preference. Some people prefer to scotchguard their furniture as it protects it from many things - spills, wear patterns and further damage. Especially if it's your favourite chair you want it to stay in good shape!

Though there are times in which people may choose not to scotchguard their upholstery due to concern over chemicals. Upholstery protector, and other protectors, use a chemical known as 'teflon'. This may cause concern for some people, in which case, we would suggest you go with your personal preference!

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Keep in mind - we do only recommend scotchguarding on new or freshly cleaned upholstery!

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