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Elora & Fergus Look Local: Sales, Offers & More

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Get a Free Community Hub Program with any annual display package.

Every month, tens of thousands of Elora & Fergus residents visit us for local news and community information. You can reach this local audience through our many different media channels, and

Can you save money on your term insurance renewal?

Is your term insurance is coming up for renewal in the next 12 months? We can give you a quote. We are an independent broker, what that means for you is that we can get quotes from many different
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Have Your Cake* (Lake) and Eat It, Too! – Local Real Estate Blog

Picture this: you’re spending May 24 weekend at your family cottage, enjoying BBQs, beverages & beautiful views. And next weekend, another family is enjoying the same rest and relaxation,

Make your wedding GRAND!

Getting married? Make it GRAND at The GrandWay Events Centre. Pop-up (2 hrs) and traditional weddings, dates available for 2022/2023! Book your tour today!
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How is Inflation affecting your Investments?

This short video will address this very important issue facing Canadians today. If you wish to reach out to Del to get a no-obligation second opinion on your investments or if you would like to