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Centre Wellington eyes $200K termite eradication program

Termites detected or inferred at 259 properties in Elora and Fergus

CENTRE WELLINGTON – The township may be moving forward with a termite management program after years of working to determine the scope of the problem and who can deal with it. 

A report going forward at Monday’s Centre Wellington council meeting recommends the township enter into a $200,000 agreement with local pest management company Balson Preventative Solutions Inc. for fall nematode treatment, public education and provision of fall yard wood waste bins for a one year term. 

The township previously retained termite expert Tim Myles’ Termite Research Services to figure out how many properties were impacted by an ongoing termite issue in the township. 

In Elora and Fergus, termites were detected or inferred at 259 properties which they called the “red zone”, and there were a further 219 properties in the “blue zone” perimeter of these properties where termite activity could easily transfer.

The report stated the focus of the treatment program would be spring and fall nematode treatments with no other method of control considered. Nematode treatment is a natural pest control method that uses microscopic, threadlike roundworms which infect and kill termites. 

The request for proposal also includes termite information services to township residents, spring and fall yard wood waste clean-up bins strategically located in termite zones and a schedule for disposal. 

It would also include regular status reports on which properties have been treated using nematodes, what properties have observed active infestation where enforcement activities under the township’s termite control bylaw is required. 

The 10-year capital forecast includes a further $100,000 per year projected in 2023, 2024 and 2025. 

The full report can be found here.