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Monster Month kicks off with a (pumpkin) smash

The Awakening happens on Sunday, Oct. 1 at the Elora Green Space
Centre Wellington loves Halloween, as seen at the annual Monster March in 2022.

Halloween lovers, rejoice! The towns of Elora and Fergus are uniting to unleash an unforgettable kick-off event for Monster Month and officially release the monsters! The Awakening is a free public spectacle on Sunday, Oct. 1, at 2 p.m. downtown Elora at the Elora Green Space.

Forget the ribbon cutting - We’re smashing a pumpkin

This fast-paced opening ceremony promises more surprises than unwinding a mummy. And who needs a ribbon-cutting when you can witness the mayor's epic pumpkin smash? Councillors will join Centre Wellington Mayor Shawn Watters as we officially Release the Monsters with a bang… errr smash.

Unforgettable experience with eye-popping Halloween visuals

Prepare for a spooky sensory overload and strong Halloween aesthetics. Your eyes won't know where to look as zombies break into a choreographed dance, and the Halloween fashion show sends chilling looks down the runway. Don't forget to bring your little ones and come dressed to impress! Plenty of goodies for the kids, from a zombie magic trick to witches brew and Halloween treats.

Kick-off to a month of hair-raising events

The Awakening is the grand opening to a month of eerie and exciting events across Elora and Fergus. Monster Month has been transforming the area for over 20 years and features a unique range of Halloween-themed events. From a non-motorized parade, ghost walks, and haunted houses to creepy crawls, the thrills and chills don't stop until the werewolves come home on Oct. 31.

About Monster Month

Over 20 years ago, local artist Tim Murton created the lantern monster that takeover the area each October. Monster Month has evolved into a township-wide celebration organized by the non-profit organization Sensational Elora.