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Research team confirms downburst, not a tornado, hit Elora

Winds were near 130 km/hr with damage over an area seven km long and two km wide
This tree on Hill Street took out some power lines after a downburst.

ELORA – It wasn’t a tornado that hit Elora but a Western University research team and meteorologists have confirmed a downburst in the area. 

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) along with Environment Canada meteorologists have confirmed an EF0 downburst hit the area with winds near 130 km/hr on Wednesday with damage documented over an area seven km long and up to two km wide. 

An NTP FAQ page stated the difference between a tornado and a downburst is rotating winds in a tornado converge at the surface then rise up into the storm resulting in narrows paths of chaotic damage while downburst winds descend and diverge beneath the storm and result in outward burst patterns of damage or wide areas with damage mostly from the same direction. 

The NTP is a partnership between Western University and Impact WX that aims to better detect tornado occurrence throughout Canada.