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Strom's Farm looking to showcase local breweries this fall

The popular fall attraction has applied for a liquor licence, with the hopes of having beer and hard cider on-site for its 2022 season
20160926 rural romp 10 tb
Channing Strom by the activities board at Strom's€™ Farm during Rural Romp. Troy Bridgeman for GuelphToday

A popular local fall attraction is hoping to have alcohol on-site for 2022.

Strom's Farm & Bakery on Wellington Road 32 has applied for a liquor licence, with the goal of bringing craft brewers on board to sell beer to its Harvest Fun Area.

"You go to festivals, and a lot of festivals highlight local breweries," said Amy Strom, director of first impressions at Strom's. "And we thought for that time, when we do those six weeks in the fall on the weekends, it would be nice to showcase local breweries as well."

It would go along with longtime staples, including the corn maze and trail, the pumpkin chuckin', wagon rides and more.

Strom said they're thinking of making space for two or three breweries, and having a selection for everyone. They're also looking for a local hard cider.

And just to hit the nail on the head for the location known for pumpkins, how about a pumpkin beer?

"It's a possibility," Strom said. "We haven't supplied pumpkin to breweries in a couple of years, but I know there's some fun fall pumpkin, all kinds of different beers that they come up with in the fall that would be fun."

For now, things are in the planning stages, as they await the result of the liquor licence application. But once that's complete, Strom said she'll be doing more research.

"It's a whole new process, we've never done it before," she said. We're working with public health, which has been phenomenal."

"They were even giving me suggestions of how they've seen other people serve alcohol, so that's been really good."

Strom's Farm & Bakery opens up for the 2022 season September 21, and will run Wednesdays to Sundays until they close up October 30.

Visit their website for more details on the 2022 season, including a map of the farm for all the upcoming activities.

The deadline for submissions on the liquor licence application is July 2.