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That's Alls folks! Erin mayor won't be seeking re-election

Erin mayor Allan Alls says he's decided not to pursue re-election and is looking forward to seeing a younger person in the role
20211217 alls kk
Erin mayor Allan Alls announced he is not running for mayor in the fall election.

ERIN – For Erin mayor Allan Alls, eight years has been long enough to be the town’s political head. 

Alls confirmed in an interview he won't be seeking re-election in this fall's municipal election.

Alls has served two terms as mayor, being first elected in 2014. 

He said he debated the decision but when he considered he’ll be 79 in August, he decided it’s time to let the younger people take over. 

“I’ve enjoyed most of it, I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of social media,” Alls said, referencing people acting as keyboard warriors who only criticize town decisions without doing anything else.

“That’s not the reason I’m not running, in fact if I was a younger man I’d love to run to put the argument forward.”

He noted his biggest accomplishment which he said was a day one goal for him was to bring a wastewater plant to the town.

“In my days in real estate, I realized how badly it was needed and how Erin can’t sustain itself unless we get some growth and we can’t get growth without wastewater,” Alls said. 

The plant isn’t built yet but the town broke ground on the project earlier in May and the plant is more or less set to move forward despite sometimes fierce opposition from some community members. 

“I’m proud that this will be done, I won’t be around to see the end of it. Of course there’s going to be a lot of work to happen in the next 10, 15, 20 years,” Alls said. 

“The plant will be built in two and a half years time and we will be approving at the end of June and July the major trunk lines, the construction of those. I guess the heavy lifting has been done.”

Another accomplishment he highlighted was the county purchasing land at the former Mundell Lumber property for a new library and potentially affordable housing which he noted is becoming the top issue for younger people. 

Alls expressed his thanks to the staff he’s worked with at the town and county as well as Erin council, who have been very supportive and good to work with. He added he was glad to hear Coun. Rob Smith as he believes he’ll be a good mayor to carry-on the work as the town grows.

Thus far, Smith is the only announced mayoral candidate for Erin.

For Alls though, he said it’s time for him to watch the grass grow. 

“This is my fourth career and I think my fifth career will be spending some time with my wife and travelling a little more and maybe playing a little more golf,” Alls said. “Enjoying some of the easier things in life.”

Alls is the third incumbent mayor in Wellington County to announce he will not be running in the fall election following Minto’s George Bridge and Centre Wellington’s Kelly Linton.