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Why this local retailer can’t keep these boots in stock

Pete Mohr of Shoetopia gives us the details on Blundstones, the most coveted boots of the season.

During the months leading to winter, Centre Wellington residents can be found rushing to Shoetopia for quality, comfortable footwear. Store owner Pete Mohr says his goal for every customer is to leave looking great and feeling fantastic.

“If we can give you something that looks great and feels awesome, then you have that ‘Ah-ha!’ moment. Most people think that good looking shoes don’t feel good, and good-feeling shoes don’t look good,” Mohr shared.

Serving the community for twenty years, Shoetopia has earned a reputation for their stylish and comfortable products. One of the most popular brands Shoetopia offers is Blundstone. Mohr stressed that nothing is in as high demand now as the coveted Australian-born boot. “It’s completely dominating our sales and that’s what every second person, literally, is coming in and asking for.” 

Blundstones are known for being a mix of comfort and style. They can be trusted for any outing from long hikes, tripping around town and perform well in the winter thanks to their water-resistant leather construction. Blundstones are also known for their durability - one reviewer wrote, “we’re convinced these boots were built to last. After wearing them just about every day for almost 5 years, they’re still in great shape.”

Shoetopia is proud to offer quality products like Blundstone’s to its community.

When Shoetopia isn’t serving customers, they can be found serving the community, free of charge. Both locations in Fergus and Mount Forest have a shoe drop-off for donations. All donated shoes are cleaned and made presentable, then donated to the Fergus Food Bank’s “shoe corner”. Shoetopia  even gives a ten dollar gift certificate to each person who contributes to the store’s initiative. 

After twenty years of serving Fergus and Mount Forest, Shoetopia remains dedicated to quality, comfort, and making people look great and feel fantastic. From autumn into the winter months, they prove just that as the region’s hotspot for classic, stylish, Blundstone boots.

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