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It's official: registration to run in provincial election closed

Six candidates in Wellington-Halton Hills and seven in Perth-Wellington
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Man casting his ballot.

Voters in Wellington-Halton Hills and Perth Wellington have a final list of candidates to choose from for the upcoming provincial election.

Registration to run in the June 2 election has closed as of this Friday with six candidates registered in the riding of Wellington-Halton Hills and seven in Perth-Wellington.

The official list of candidate list is:

Wellington-Halton Hills:

Ted Arnott - Progressive Conservative Party 

Diane Ballantyne - New Democratic Party

Ryan Kahro - Green Party  

Stephen Kitras - New Blue Party

Ron Patava - Consensus Party

Tom Takacs - Liberal Party


Laura Bisutti - Green Party 

Jo-Dee Burbach - New Democratic Party

Ashley Fox - Liberal Party

Bob Hosken - New Blue Party

Sandy William MacGregor - Ontario Party

Matthew Rae - Progressive Conservative Party

Robby Smink - Freedom Party 

Voters can vote in person on June 2 or by mail. To learn more go to