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Tree Trust program helps legacy trees in need

The Elora Environment Centre is the go-to advocacy group for caring for trees in Wellington County
Photo provided by the Elora Environment Centre

The Elora Environment Centre (EEC) began as a small group of eco-minded individuals with the goal of fostering a cleaner, healthier community for all.

Three decades later, the local grassroots organization continues to make great strides to preserve Elora’s natural environment through eco-minded initiatives (including tree support programs and awareness campaigns) to communities across Wellington County.

In addition to these programs, the EEC offers educational opportunities that focus on the importance of tree care and the positive effects those sustainable efforts have on a community.

“The benefits we receive from the trees around us are truly amazing,” said Toni Ellis, Board chair of the Elora Environment Centre. “Our urban forest reduces health issues, such as asthma and provides excellent mental health benefits for stress relief.”

Established by the organization in 2019, the Tree Trust program provides support for trees, irrespective of size or age, in the Wellington area.

To ensure the selected trees have extended lifespans, arborists are hired with the funds raised to prune, fertilize and control insect infestations.

In addition to care, two or more saplings are planted around each Tree Trust tree. 

“There are at least two ‘understudy trees’ planted around the nurtured tree that will eventually take the place of the elder tree,” said Ellis

“Trees are a gift and the ones we plant today are for people we will never know”, said Ellis.  “It’s a soulful thing”.

In honour of Earth Day, join the EEC on April 21, 2023 as they work to preserve the beloved old silver maple tree, located at the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

Visit to learn more about how you can support arboriculture care for your community’s legacy trees in need.

The Elora Environment Centre is actively seeking volunteers who would like to lend their support in planting trees this summer. Check out the EEC website or contact [email protected] for more details.