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Adopt Me: Midnight has been waiting a while for his purrfect home (adopted)

He is FIV+ so he would need to be an indoor cat, but that doesn't mean he can't live a long and happy life!
Midnight 2

GuelphToday, in partnership with the Guelph Humane Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


This sweet boy has been available for adoption since June 13. He has been waiting for his #HappyTail for more than five months, and he is so deserving of a loving home!

Midnight's birthday is March 18 - one day after St. Patrick's Day. With his pretty green eyes, the love he brings into your home will make you think you have the "luck of the Irish"!

When he gets a really good ear scratch or is being brushed, he shows his happiness by kneading and drooling with joy.

Midnight's new family should now that he is FIV+, but that doesn't slow him down. This means that Midnight needs to be the only cat in the home, unless you already have a cat with FIV – in that case, Midnight would make a wonderful companion for your other FIV+ cat!

Midnight is like a little shadow, always hanging nearby. He loves finding sunny spots in the house to soak up all of the warmth, and he also loves sleeping under the covers with his humans.

He is a beautiful, sweet boy who has been patiently waiting for so long – could you be the one to finally give him the family he’s been dreaming of?

The GHS contactless adoptions have been so successful – they have given over 1,000 pets a loving #HappyTail during COVID-19! Virtual and/or phone adoption meetings will happen by appointment only.

If you think MIDNIGHT would be a good match for your home, check out the GHS contactless adoption process at

Not able to adopt? Consider donating toward the care of GHS animals at


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