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Mapleton Acres

Oh, hi! Welcome to Mapleton Acres Flower Farm located just north of Fergus.

Did you know that flowers have a superpower? Yup, they do. Whether it was your bouquet walking down the aisle to your soulmate, flowers that a friend brought over when you needed a pick-me-up, or a surprise in your garden on a spring day; flowers can take you right back to that moment in time.

At Mapleton Acres, we help to bring that superpower to you & our community every day. Whether it's a workshop at the farm, a cut-your-own-flower experience in the flower fields, a delivery to a loved one, or flowering your special day (think weddings, fundraising galas, backyard parties, or any other celebration), we bring the best of Ontario's flowers to you.

At the farm, we grow a half-acre of cut flowers from Tulips to Dahlias (and everything in between), and when we do not have the perfect flower, we source from other farms here in Ontario, lowering the impact on our environment while still making a beautiful statement with our flower designs.

We offer delivery and on-farm pick-up throughout the year and are always looking for ways to connect with the Wellington County Community. Whether it's a flower delivery, a bulk bucket of blooms to allow you to design your own arrangements or a flower subscription delivered to your door, we can't wait to bring beautiful, seasonal blooms to your home.

Order online at or send us an email at [email protected] to get started.

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