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“In the early days, Elora shared, with its sister village of Fergus, a somewhat unenviable reputation for the bibulous propensities of its people. 

“Private social parties were little in vogue, and public amusements in the way of lectures, concerts and the like were not; consequently small provocation was necessary to induce Elorians, after the labours of the day were concluded, to assemble where alone social intercourse could be enjoyed: and if a larger dose of toddy or a weaker head than average occasionally produced an unsteadiness of gait, huskiness of voice or duality of vision, public opinion was indulgent, and few could afford to be censorious in view of unremembered lapses of a like nature.”

The Friendly Society is now a favourite destination for not only residents of Elora and Fergus but beyond!

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The Friendly society offers catering for any occasion!  From canapés to sandwich platters or charcuterie, our culinary team creates customized menus that are the perfect addition to any event.

The Friendly Society also offers a small, intimate venue for special events & gatherings. Our space is available for rent on a seasonal basis, please inquire for more information!

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