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Arnott to Ford: County projects need provincial support

A day after the election, Wellington-Halton Hills MPP-elect Ted Arnott penned a letter to Doug Ford laying out priorities in the riding
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Ted Arnott speaks to supporters at his election night party after the results returned in his favour. Arnott said the first thing he would do is write a letter to the premier-elect.

WELLINGTON COUNTY – A day after re-election, Wellington-Halton Hills MPP-elect Ted Arnott lobbied to Premier-elect Doug Ford to support and move forward with Wellington County capital projects. 

During an interview on election night, Arnott said one of the first things he would do is write to Ford to lay out what he sees as priorities for Wellington-Halton Hills. 

In a four-page letter, a copy of which was sent to EloraFergusToday, Arnott highlights the Town of Erin’s wastewater treatment plant, specifically mayor Allan Alls’ request of $20 million of provincial funding to offset the cost of hooking up to existing homes and businesses. 

“The Town of Erin is the largest municipality in southern Ontario without a wastewater treatment system, and as a result, the Town has reached a limit in development and growth,” Arnott wrote, adding he intends to advocate for funding for Erin until receiving a “satisfactory response.”

He also called for assistance to continue to move forward with the Morriston Bypass, calling it the most urgent provincial transportation need in the riding. 

“Highway 6 through Morriston is one of the busiest two-lane highways in the province and traffic volumes have been at capacity since 1995,” Arnott stated. 

He noted recent developments such as the Minister of Transportation stopping by the riding to reconfirm the province’s commitment as promising but stressed it should be built as soon as possible. 

The Continuum of Care housing project was also on Arnott’s mind in the letter as he expressed his support for the proposal to build a 250-unit building geared towards seniors at the Wellington Place campus. 

He wrote in the letter this would address the urgent need for more affordable and attainable seniors’ housing in Wellington-Halton Hills. He noted the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing showed interest at a Feb. 23 meeting and hoped Ford would support it as well. 

“In the coming days and weeks, I will continue to raise issues with your Ministers and look forward to working with you in the 43rd Provincial Parliament,” Arnott wrote.