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Children's Foundation needs help to send more kids to summer camp

It's seeking donations for its Free to Grow program that funds children from low-income households to participate in recreational activities, including camp

With the summer season approaching quickly, the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington launches a new fundraising campaign to provide hundreds of kids a chance to attend a summer camp.

“We are reaching out to ask for your help in making a difference in the lives of local kids by giving them the opportunity to go to summer camp,” Suzanne Bone, interim CEO at the Children’s Foundation, says in the release. “Our Free to Grow program funds kids from low-income households to participate in recreational activities, including camp. Every Kids to Camp donation counts, and right now, donations will be doubled thanks to our generous matching donor, TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley.”

According to the foundation, summer camp has numerous benefits that go far beyond just having fun with other kids. 

The camp is an opportunity for children to be more physically active, acquire new skills, get more confident, and make new friendships in a safe and supportive environment, says the Children's Foundation in a media release. 

"Camp also plays a vital role in children’s personal growth, including social integration, attitudes toward physical activity, self-confidence and self-reliance, environmental awareness, and emotional intelligence. Not only do children grow and develop throughout the camp experience, but studies have found the positive changes stay with them in their home and school environments," the Children’s Foundation says. 

Here is what one mom says about her daughter’s experience in the camp: “Going to camp helped my daughter to come out of her shell and build her self-esteem. She’s shy and afraid of meeting new people at times. This was her first experience with a day camp away from us, and she was challenged to let go and stretch into skills which were new and a bit scary at first. She did great and ended the week showing so much confidence in herself, which was so amazing to see! It’s so important for children to attend camps to become strong and independent individuals, and we’re really grateful for the help to make this possible for her.”

Donations to the foundation can be made online at or by calling 519-826-9551.