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Delegation to urge Centre Wellington to opt in to legal cannabis

Centre Wellington will hear from delegates looking for the township to opt in to allowing legal cannabis sales in the municipality
Chart from a Monday presentation shows support for the legal sale of cannabis in the township.

CENTRE WELLINGTON — Centre Wellington's committee of the whole will be asked to opt in to legal cannabis on Monday afternoon.

The Committee of the Whole will receive two delegates suggesting a report be made regarding allowing the sale of cannabis in Centre Wellington.

Legal cannabis proponent John Mifsud and Wellington County councillor Diane Ballantyne will be asking the county to prepare a report about opting in to legal cannabis.

Their survey of 542 people showed over 82 per cent supported legal cannabis in the municipality.

“Municipalities would gain tax revenue through the Ontario Excise Tax Transfer Framework, intended to help offset the costs of implementation, law and bylaw enforcement,” stated the presentation slides by Mifsud and Ballantyne.

“Ontarians gained access to safe, regulated, quality controlled cannabis products,” wrote Mifsud and Ballantyne.

Mifsud and Ballantyne also state that legalised cannabis sales in Centre Wellington would create jobs.

“Private cannabis stores will provide a boost to the local economy - creating entrepreneurship & employment opportunities,” wrote MIfsud and Ballantyne.