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Guelph/Eramosa council sworn in at inaugural meeting

Mayor Chris White all confidence and gratitude during inaugural address
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ROCKWOOD — Mayor Chris White is eager to get back to work, with gratefulness for the council, township staff and residents, as new term begins.

The Guelph/Eramosa Township had their inaugural meeting this afternoon. The entire council is the same as at the close of last term.

White made an inaugural address after council members had been sworn in.

“So I want to congratulate council for coming back. As I’ve said many times last term, I thought we had an excellent council and I’m looking forward to working with you folks again.”

No one campaigned against White during the last election.

“For me it’s an honour, a privilege to be returned to office even with an unexpected acclamation. It’s a seat that needs to be earned every time. And I believe that.”

White brings determination to the next term.

“And I will continue to do the best that I can for the residents of the township. I mean it’s a great place to be mayor.”

The mayor also has faith in the council, the township staff and residents.

“We’ve had a lot of opportunities here. We’ve got fantastic staff. We’ve got a great council. We’ve got a great township. We’ve got a lot of potential.”

White is eager to get working with this council.

“So I’m looking forward to working with you all over the next four years to continue the good work that we’ve been doing so far and again I want to congratulate all you folks for coming back and we’ll press on from there.

“Thank you very much,” said White, to close his inaugural address.

After the mayor spoke, councillors had a chance to make remarks.

Councillor Mark Bouwmeester quickly said that he wants to get back to work.

Councillors Bruce Dickieson, Corey Woods and Steven Liebig thanked their families for support.

Liebig said that Guelph/Eramosa had given him a lot and that he was happy to give something back.

Jesse Gault is the Local Journalism Initiative reporter for GuelphToday. LJI is a federally-funded program.