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More than just a candle store: Guelph woman expands business to Downtown Fergus

The Scented Market is opening on Saturday
The Scented Market owner Kristy Miller is opening a third location in Downtown Fergus.

FERGUS – The owner of a new specialty candle store in Downtown Fergus is looking to further build her brand through developing relationships in small towns. 

The Scented Market, a Guelph-based candle and bath product company focused on using natural ingredients, will be opening a third location on St. Andrew Street this coming Saturday. 

Although selling products, owner Kristy Miller said in an interview her customers come in for more than just buying a candle. 

“They’re coming in because they want a lifestyle and they want to support small local brands that they can relate to,” Miller said. 

This lifestyle Miller said she’s referring to is one of the everyday working woman who wants to take a relaxing moment for themselves with scented products that are “healthy, reusable and biodegradable.”

“I think now more than ever people are assessing, you know, what they’re putting into their bodies and what their skincare routines are and looking for healthier, cleaner options,” Miller said. 

Originally a home-based business, the Scented Market opened a retail and manufacturing centre in Guelph and another location Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

Miller said she sees a better opportunity to develop in smaller towns such as the upcoming launch in Fergus and a future launch in Paris. 

“Being in downtown cores was very important to us, we very quickly learned we weren’t a mall brand,” Miller said. 

“I just felt like people in small towns like in Fergus, they want to develop a relationship with your brand, they want the best possible experience with your brand.”

She also wants to develop a relationship with other businesses and the BIA. Miller reached out to other local businesses to support their grand opening and will have 25 “swag bags” with local products to give out to the first customers. 

Miller said she’s happy to see other businesses see the value in her store coming to Downtown Fergus and is looking forward to being another addition to the community. 

The Scented Market opens at 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, at 187 St. Andrew St. across from the library.

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