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'Soar' showcases supportive arts at Elora Centre for the Arts

Exhibition March 9 to April 2 includes over 80 pieces of art created by participants, with the guidance of ECFTA art Instructors

Elora Centre for the Arts launches ‘Soar’ exhibition featuring adults with (dis)Abilities to recognizes the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Grow Grant Support

To celebrate and appreciate the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Grow Grant, the Elora Centre for the Arts (ECFTA) will be launching an exhibition in their gallery, featuring artist participants from their Supportive Arts program, an ongoing program for adults with (dis)Abilities.

The exhibition, ‘Soar – celebrating our ability to fly, sing and soar’ – will run in the gallery from March 9 to April 2.

The exhibition includes over 80 pieces of art created by participants, with the guidance of ECFTA Arts Instructors.

The exhibition is an uplifting expression of individual and collective work, celebrating the human desire to fly, to sing, to speak, to nest, to migrate, to live free, and to soar.

Calling upon the over 10,000 species of birds on our planet, the gallery will be filled with various artistic forms of avian creatures, created to acknowledge their unique traits and skills that make them powerful.

“This exhibition challenges us to see things from a different perspective, a bird-eye view” says Judy Anderson, programming and arts administrator at ECFTA. “In art, as in life, when we are celebrated for who we are, we can find courage to express ourselves creatively and connect with the world around us.”

In 2020, the ECFTA was the recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation “Grow Grant” which allowed them to expand their program for adults with (dis)abilities over the last three years.

The program, called ‘Supportive Arts,’ welcomes participants throughout the region to attend weekly classes at the ECFTA. It began as a once-a -week event, and is now serving the community with four programs a week.

By this spring, the three-year program will have provided 321 classes to 3,248 participants.

The funding from OTF has assured much needed programming and support for adults with (dis)abilities, inspiring engagement with the arts and compelling experiences for participants and volunteers.

It has also given opportunities to local artists who have been engaged to teach the program.

An artist reception for the ‘Soar’ exhibition will be held in the gallery on March 25 from 1 to 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome; this is a free event.

Refreshments will be served.  

You can find more information on the ECFTA at the website