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Ted Arnott's provincial re-election campaign cost over $77,000

The MPP's campaign spent more than any other Wellington-Halton Hills candidates
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Ted Arnott was elected to another term as MPP of Wellington-Halton Hills in 2022. Arnott has represented the area since 1990.

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Ted Arnott’s campaign for Wellington-Halton Hills MPP reportedly spent and received more money than any other candidate on his successful election bid in 2022. 

Financial statements from Elections Ontario show Arnott’s campaign spent just over $77,000, more than any other Wellington-Halton Hills candidate who have financial statements available to be viewed. Arnott also received the most contributions at $22,500 and $72,000 from the Progressive Conservatives. 

Runner-up Diane Ballantyne who ran as an NDP financial statement has not shown up on the Elections Ontario website which lists them as unfiled. They were due on Dec. 2, six months after election day. 

Curt Hammond, Ballantyne’s campaign manager, said all financials have been reviewed and submitted to Elections Ontario but they are awaiting the final documentation from the auditor. 

“The provincially appointed auditors had a number of process questions that took some time to work through and took us past the Dec. 3 formal deadline,” Hammond said in an email.

Although the actual financial statement was unavailable, Hammond said Ballantyne's campaign spent approximately $34,000 "thanks to the generosity of our many donors." 

Green Party of Ontario candidate Ryan Kahro, who placed third, spent $34,500. She received $500 in contributions and around $36,000 in transfers from her party.

Fourth place Liberal candidate Tom Takacs spent just over $11,500 while getting around $2,300 in contributions and receiving $11,700 from the party.

Stephen Kitras of the New Blue Party of Ontario spent just over $25,000. He received $12,500 in donations and the party gave him about $13,100. 

Consensus Party candidate Ron Patava was the most frugal, spending under $600 on his campaign with all income coming from $600 in contributions. He came last place getting 250 votes.

The riding association for each party spent approximately:

  • Progressive Conservative, $66,400
  • Ontario Liberal Party, $11,800
  • New Democratic Party of Ontario, $31,000
  • New Blue Party, $13,500
  • Green Party of Ontario, $38,000