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Two win weekend for Elora Rocks

The Rocks came out on top against Tillsonburg and Erin
Erin Blitz and Elora Rocks logos.

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The Elora Rocks had a good weekend, winning both at home and on the road. 

The team started things off on home ice Friday with a 5-1 win over Tillsonburg Thunder. The Rocks took the lead early, getting the only goal in the first period.

Two goals each in both the second and third period secured a win for Elora. 

The Rocks were back at it again against fellow Wellington County team Erin Blitz at the Centre 2000 in Erin. 

Elora came out on top 7-3. Both teams were scoring goals in the first period with Elora getting three goals and Erin two. However, the Rocks pulled ahead in the second with a goal after Erin tied things up. 

Erin never caught back up as Elora put home three more goals in the third period. 

Elora is currently ranked fourth in the Western Ontario Super Hockey League out of nine teams with 12 wins and six losses. Erin is in eighth place with three wins and 13 losses. 

The Rocks are on the road for its next game Sunday afternoon against the Plattsville Lakers. Erin Blitz don’t play again until Jan. 28 in Tillsonburg.