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We surprise Sulley siblings with a Random Act of Kindness

Evelyn and Rowan Sulley made and sold ornaments to fundraise for the Groves Memorial Community Hospital 

Evelyn and Rowan Sulley are a kind, thoughtful and generous sibling duo.

Over the Christmas holidays, they spread their kindness by making beautifully decorated Christmas tree ornaments to sell at the Elora Farmers Market, with all proceeds going to the Groves Memorial Hospital Foundation for medical equipment. 

They ended up raising $400 for the foundation.

Lori Arsenault, Executive Director of Groves Memorial Hospital Foundation said it was “truly heartwarming” that the Sulleys, at such a young age, are already thinking about how they can help others.
“It is amazing to see the next generation of philanthropists,” she said.

This is especially important considering how critical community support is for the hospital foundation.

“Almost all equipment in all hospitals are purchased through donation [from the foundation],” she said. “Without support from the community, we wouldn’t be able to purchase new equipment.”

In an effort to show the Sulleys how much their generosity means, EloraFergusToday surprised them at school with a special Random Act of Kindness.

“My brother and I were at school and I thought we were going to a presentation but we got there with both of our classes and there were boxes of cupcakes for us,” Evelyn said. “I was so confused! We got up and everybody started clapping.”

“It was pretty exciting,” she continued.

“We just wanted to support our community,” Evelyn told us after the surprise.

While the siblings are keeping some of their gifts from the surprise, they have also made the selfless decision to donate one of the $100 gift cards to Brighten Up Toys to a women and children’s shelter.

“We have enough, so we want to give it back to the community,” Evelyn said.

Thank you to our generous co-sponsors, Brighten Up Toys and Decadently Yours, for making this Random Act of Kindness possible.

Our nomination form is always open to nominate someone in the community who selflessly gives of themselves despite challenges or hardships, is positive in the face of adversity, or is just plain extraordinary and deserves a special surprise.

If you would like to support our Random Acts of Kindness program, please email [email protected].