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13 important things business owners need to hear

We have certainly been tested as 2021 wrapped up and 2022 began. Many of us are fatigued and stressed juggling responsibilities, worries, and fear like they were part of the job description. But this is not sustainable.

We have certainly been tested as 2021 wrapped up and 2022 began. Many of us are fatigued and stressed juggling responsibilities, worries, and fear like they were part of the job description.

But this is not sustainable.

You may feel crushed by the weight of the world right now. Maybe your friends and family don’t quite understand what you’re going through because they aren’t a business owner. Perhaps you’ve created the perfect life on social media, and no one knows the struggles that make up your day and eat away at your confidence and security.

But your Chamber of Commerce does. They’ve been there. They are business owners/business professionals, and they know what you’re going through. Most people think about the business resources and networking they provide but forget that they are always looking out for businesses and the working to address the struggles of businesspeople. Being the voice of business also means understanding the internal hardships of business owners. The Chamber’s vast business experience may help you feel more part of a community.

The Chamber is also here to remind you that as a business owner, your skills, drive, and knowledge are critical to your business but so is your health and wellness.

13 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Hear

All business owners need to hear these things, especially now:

  1. It is okay to put yourself in time out. Use this time to recharge or think about the direction of your business. You can’t do either of these things under pressure. You are not a diamond. Schedule time away, off the grid, even if only for an hour. Focus on one area that’s not working and how you might improve things. Then create an action plan and schedule your tactics that will get you to your goal. Or better yet, take that time and decompress by doing absolutely nothing.
  2. Trust your intuition but weigh all sides. Discuss it with people who have experience in the area or the things you are considering. That generally means not your spouse, nor your friends.
  3. Take the calculated risks. No risk, no growth.
  4. You can make a living doing anything if you take the right approach and the timing is right. Choose what you love, and you will have a more fulfilling career. Never choose safety as a career path because sometimes the safe path isn’t safe. And if that’s the only reason you chose it, you’re left with nothing.
  5. If you need help, ask. But you’ll be more successful if you ask the people who are able to help.
  6. “No” is an acceptable answer. No excuse (or reason) required.
  7. Timing is important but persistence usually pays off. Hang in there.
  8. You set your priorities. If you feel out of control, and someone else dictates everything for you, you have given them that power.
  9. Recharge yourself with the same priority that you give recharging your cell phone.
  10. Everyone is on their own path. Respect their process and respect yours also.
  11. You can’t make everyone happy, but you can exhaust yourself trying. Pick what you’re good at, who it serves well, and do that.
  12. You are always in control of how you respond to a situation even if you can’t control anything else.
  13. If it’s important to you, find a way. If it’s not, be honest about that with others and with yourself. Admit that it’s not on your life’s “strategic plan” and move on.

Remember, mental health and wellness are not luxuries. You deserve them. Just as you take care of the tools you need to conduct business, you need to take care of yourself.

Keep this list and refer to it. There’s nothing on here that you don’t already know but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.

Member Profile | Nick’s Quick Delivery

Nick’s Quick Delivery is a customized courier-transportation company working locally and covering areas like the Tri-City and GTA. Nick's Quick Delivery has offered small and large companies an opportunity to streamline their daily & weekly deliveries and pick-ups with their five service options. Their team of professional drivers and office staff complete the task at hand offering fast, friendly, and dependable service every time. 

“We believe that all businesses large or small need support with business decisions, from connecting us with payroll & accounting experts, to providing advertising and networking opportunities. Our CW Chamber has always helped us as we run our business and continues to offer support”

When Nick's Quick Delivery opened its operations in 1994 as a new business they needed support from the local Chamber office. When the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1999, Nick had the opportunity to volunteer on the Board of Directors and had a great time sharing ideas and supporting the local business community alongside both long-time and new business owners. “This is what we needed in our growing community to support small and large businesses. The friendship and support from the Chamber have made me very proud to be a part of this community.” 

Nick’s Quick Delivery has continued to grow in our community, and engages with the community at large by helping local charities and sports groups such as CW Hockey, FEDS Soccer Club, Pedal for Portage, and the CW Food Bank, just to name a few.

You can connect with Nick’s Quick Delivery on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or visit their website.

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