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Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa: A new era of wellness and beauty in Guelph

Erin Phillips and her father, Layton Phillips, open the doors to a unique spa experience, blending family legacy with top-tier skincare and relaxation treatments

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, owned by Erin Phillips and her father, Layton Phillips, has opened its doors in Guelph. The spa, which started welcoming clients on Nov. 8, aims to become a skincare destination, emphasizing professional services in a spa-like environment.

Treat yourself to personal care and wellness with various treatments and therapies aimed at enhancing health and relaxation. From advanced hair removal techniques to rejuvenating facial treatments and diverse massage therapies, Hand & Stone is the new go-to spa in Guelph and surrounding areas. 

Erin Phillips, co-owner of the spa, shares her personal connection to Guelph. "My family's history in Guelph spans over five or six generations. This city has always been home to me," 

Her local upbringing and university education in Guelph fueled her desire to open the spa's first location in the city. 

"It's more than a business; it's a continuation of my family's legacy here."

The business, which is the 37th franchise of Hand & Stone in Canada, was selected by Phillips and her father for its alignment with their core values: professionalism, community and life-long learning, and their confidence in the people of Hand & Stone.


Diverse facial treatments for every skin type

Hand & Stone's facial services are designed to cater to a variety of skin needs — the classic facial addresses common concerns like acne, skin dullness, and signs of aging. There are also specialized treatments for men and teens, focusing on issues like razor irritation and acne-related changes in skin appearance. 

Advanced facial treatments include the Dermalogica Pro Firm for anti-aging, Pro Calm and Pro Clear for sensitive and acne-prone skin, collagen facial for improved firmness, and a specialized rosacea facial.

Other unique offerings include the well-being facial, which uses warm Himalayan salt wands, and an LED light therapy facial that utilizes LED lights for various skin benefits. 

Additionally, clients can opt for microdermabrasion or chemical peels for more intensive skin rejuvenation. 

“We have also just launched OxyGeneo,” Phillips said. “It’s a powerful three-in-one super facial — exfoliate, oxygenate, nourish. This facial will hydrate, illuminate, revive, balance, and detox the skin.”

Phillips emphasizes the expertise of their estheticians, who are well-trained in addressing a range of skin concerns and tailoring the skincare service to each client's unique needs. 

“Our team of six estheticians have 63 years of combined experience,” she adds.


Phillips shares her personal journey with skincare, noting the transformation she experienced with professional guidance. 

"I've witnessed firsthand the difference between drugstore products and the professional, results-driven products we offer at Hand & Stone Guelph. It's not just about relaxation and luxury; it's about real skin health."

As for membership, Hand & Stone provides an attractive option. For $99.95 per month, members receive a massage or facial, along with additional-member perks and discounts. This flexible, low-commitment model is aimed at individuals who value regular skincare and wellness routines.

In the spirit of the holiday season, the spa is offering gift card promotions and partnering with Dermalogica for giveaways on Instagram. 

Reflecting on the venture, Phillips expresses pride in their family-run business. 

"We believe in our people and services and are excited to contribute positively to the community's wellness. Guelph is not just where we operate; it's part of who we are."

For more information about Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Guelph, including details on their services and membership options, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.