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How business owners can reduce their monthly bills by 28% on average

Experience saves time and money - expense consultants at Schooley Mitchell can be a valuable asset

Time and money are two of the most important currencies for small and medium-sized businesses. What if there was a way to save both?

Schooley Mitchell is a Stratford-based Cost Reduction firm which helps businesses reduce their business expenses in eight key categories:

  • telecom,
  • merchant services,
  • small package and courier shipping,
  • waste management,
  • electronic logging devices,
  • E-signature services,
  • utilities
  • and fuel.

Schooley Mitchell saves their clients an average of 28 per cent off their monthly invoices from various vendors.

Dale Sinstead is an expense consultant with Schooley Mitchell’s Guelph office and explains their company’s mission.

“Basically, what we do is we help small and medium businesses reduce their expenses by renegotiating the rates they’re paying to their vendors,” Sinstead said. “If you are paying monthly fees for certain services, then you’re a good candidate for us.”

Think of Schooley Mitchell as an insurance or mortgage broker who can source multiple quotes and negotiate better rates than you can get at the bank.

Similarly, there are no risks or upfront costs for clients because Schooley Mitchell only earns by sharing a percentage of the savings they generate for their clients.

The standard deal is that businesses keep 50 per cent of the generated savings for the first three years, and 100 per cent of cost savings going forward. If Schooley Mitchell can reduce your costs by 30 per cent, 15% goes right back to your bottom line.

Depending on the size of your business, that could mean thousands in savings per month. The best part is that Schooley Mitchell did all the work so your staff could keep doing their job. It’s almost free money.

If an office administrator or another team member did this work off the side of their desk, they will eventually find savings with some vendors, or a deal perceived to be better than their pre-existing phone plans or waste management services. They will have spent many hours over many weeks not doing their regular job. They wouldn’t have received the rates that Schooley Mitchell negotiates, or benefit from Schooley Mitchell’s expertise working with vendors to streamline and right-size services.

“There’s absolutely no risk to engage us,” Sinstead said. “There is no fine print. We don’t bill for our time. There are no hidden fees. We make our money by reducing your spend, that’s it. Many clients come to realize that it’s not just the cost savings that we deliver, but huge time savings as well.

“We can handle billing errors, service issues and changes, and manage the vendor relationship if they want us to. It’s as if we work for them with their best interests in mind.”

Not only does Schooley Mitchell negotiate better rates with vendors in key sectors like telecom and waste management, they can also become a single point of contact for the vendors and services you want them to manage, as part of their standard services.

It’s streamlined one-stop shopping, which is one of the key features that many businesses appreciate most. The headaches of having to track down the right person when an invoice is incorrect? All it takes is one call to your representative at Schooley Mitchell, and they take care of the rest for you.

“If a client sees something strange on their bill, or they want services changed or added, they call me or they call their direct Schooley Mitchell rep and we take care of it,” Sinstead said. “Because we work with vendors every single day, we know exactly who to talk to.”

Depending on how long you’ve had these services, switching vendors can be tedious, which is why 80 per cent of clients typically stick with their existing vendor when working with Schooley Mitchell. Nothing changes, you still get billed directly by your vendors, you just pay them less.

If you’re paying monthly bills for services, it never hurts to inquire if you can save a little money. If Schooley Mitchell can’t find a better deal for you, then they walk away. The business owner is always in control of every decision at every juncture.

Whether it’s the time, the single point of contact, or the significant savings, there are several great reasons to speak to an expense consultant at Schooley Mitchell. The status quo may seem comfortable, but staying complacent might cost you more than just dollars and cents.

“We save people time. We save them money. We provide them knowledge that they don’t have, and we provide them security. That’s our four currencies right there.”

Contact the team at Schooley Mitchell today to see how your business can benefit from their expertise.