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Local Wish Kids need your help

Upcoming online auction fundraiser will help purchase mobility equipment, computers, specialized furniture for children with health challenges
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For most of us, the past two years have been a grind. Two years of on again/off again lockdowns, healthcare fears, isolation, and uncertainty wrought by a global pandemic, left us all drained and exhausted.

But for the 75+ wish kids in the Guelph Wish Fund for Children – this uncertainty and health focus is a reality that they have lived with most of or all their lives.

Right now, in your neighbourhood, there are families and children who must watch every step they take to ensure their child remains healthy and able to join in life’s activities. Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t – but they’re part of your community and they need your support.

The Guelph Wish Fund for Children is a local charity that has been around since 1984. Started by Guelph’s own Ron Asselstine, this charity grants wishes to children who face enormous health challenges.

If a child in Guelph or Wellington County suffers from a life-threatening illness, or a life-altering injury, or lives with a rare and debilitating condition, the GWFC can help them with access to resources that can make their lives a little happier.

We do this by granting them a wish.

Some of our wish kids do indeed go to Disneyworld, but most use the funds for mobility equipment, computers and electronics that improve their quality of life, or even some specialized furniture or toys.

The attention to their happiness amid their tough ongoing health battles, brings smiles and improvements to their world.

And so, to you Guelph and Wellington County, as spring is here and you now venture outside again, feeling a little bit happier and brimming with hope for this world – please take a minute and consider those children in our community who are facing ongoing health challenges and who need you in their corner.

You can donate directly here.


Join in our upcoming online auction and bid on fantastic prizes that will make your life a little bit happier and you’ll be helping a local child to enjoy the same! (Note: Items for the auction won’t be visible until kick-off date: June 9th).