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More time at home is changing the types of furniture people buy

Original Home Furniture saws consumer want bigger, comfier furniture
Original Home Furniture Spotlight_Jan 2022

If you’re going to be stuck at home during these rotating COVID-19 lockdowns, you might as well be comfortable. That seems to be the attitude of area furniture buyers driving a trend towards larger, plusher, furniture pieces according one of the area’s most popular furniture retailers.

“One of the things we’re seeing from manufacturers and from buying trends is bigger, comfy, family-oriented, furnishings,” said Jon Macklin, co-owner of Original Home Furniture in Guelph. “Bigger sofas, sofas that are deep and plush that allow everybody, kids and parents, to climb up onto and find their own place.”

Macklin suggests that COVID-19 restrictions are fuelling consumer desire for more functional furnishings as people travel less and spend more time at home watching movies, television, or noodling on tablets and computers. The result is furniture that includes a variety of quirky design elements such as cup holders, tablet and tray holders, wine glass holders, compartments hidden under arm rests and hidden recliner components.

A great example of such innovative product design is the Apex Sectional Sofa from the Palliser Collection. Each piece includes in-arm and seat storage to hide clutter, USB charging units, LED backlighting finished in an attractive brushed metal, and wireless charging that comes standard with each arm, corner, and console piece. In addition, the Apex includes unique motion features such as reclining corners, swivel bumpers, and power headrests to create exceptional comfort and adjustability.

“We’re seeing manufacturers build product that is a little more directed to people’s lifestyle.”

“We’re seeing manufacturers build product that is a little more directed to people’s lifestyle,” he said. “They’re offering more lifestyle features and things they’re doing at home. Palliser is one of the companies offering things like high-end theatre chairs and fun concept products.”

With the most recent Ontario lockdown, furniture buyers will once again be looking to enhance their living spaces by adding elements designed to increase comfort. Macklin says January is a good time to explore the discounted offerings available at Original Home Furniture.

“There’s a lot of new stuff coming in,” he said. “It’s times to start deciding what comes off the floor to make room for what’s coming. Therefore, some of those floor models and one-onlys become a good buy at this time of year.”

While supply chain issues have been a concern for some retailers, Macklin says Original Home Furniture is well-positioned with inventory and will remain that way. Consumers hesitant to head into retail locations operating at 50 percent capacity can take advantage of the on-line features of the Original Home Furniture website, which includes both an interactive portal to talk with staff and a unique interior design quiz designed to help buyers determine the best furnishings for their lifestyles and ideal functionality.

Visit Original Home Furniture’s location at 259-B Woodlawn Rd. West in Guelph. Or online at