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Small Business Week is nearly here!

Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce shares how to best support your favourite small businesses

Small Business Week is the third week of October, but saying thanks to small business owners is important year round.

Small business owners are a crucial part of our economy. According to a recent Stats Canada report over 10.3 million people are employed by small businesses, supporting around 63% of the labour force each year in Canada. If you add in solopreneurs and the growing freelancing movement, the numbers are even larger.

Not everyone is cut out to be a small business owner. As we offer our thanks to these special folks, we also want to acknowledge the kind of fortitude it takes to be a success. These individuals inspire us at the same time they are building our economy. Thank you small business owners.

Small business owners are often described as the backbone of our economy but they’re also the foundation of our community. When driving down Main Street in a town where most of the storefronts are empty, that tells a dismal story of the town to residents and visitors.

Small business owners, you keep our community vibrant. You give us hope that our towns will continue to thrive.

Ways for Shoppers to Celebrate Small Business Week

Buy Gift Cards or Local Restaurant Gift Certificates

Gift giving season is close at hand, why not share your local favourites with your friends and family.

Bonus: having these gift cards on hand inspires spontaneous gift giving & impromptu meet-ups.

Like, Share, Comment & Review

Nobody knows local businesses like a local. Sharing why you love them with Google reviews, Facebook likes and tagging them on your socials gives these small businesses a boost of Social Validation, inspiring others to try them out.

Plus that’s a free way to support.

Nominate them for an Award

Say, perhaps, the CW Chamber of Commerce Awards of Excellence or any number of local and provincial business awards held throughout the year.

This year there are so many reasons to celebrate, support and share your passion for small business.

If you want to meet a few new favourites, reach out and we will connect you to some you may not know but will be happy you met.

To learn more about the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce and how we can help with new growth and new marketing efforts, visit them online here.