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Summertime teambuilding ideas for your business

Take a break from the usual routine with these suggestions

The summertime brings a more relaxed and positive atmosphere to the workplace, making it the perfect time for some team building activities. These activities allow teams to step away from their regular work routines and environment.

Breaking from the daily grind provides a refreshing change, which can ignite creativity and productivity. By participating in team building exercises now, we can build greater enthusiasm and a willingness to collaborate in coming months.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to strengthen your team this summer.

  • Popsicle Pop-Up: One hot day, call an impromptu gathering for all staff to enjoy a refreshing reset.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt in a local park, with local businesses or around your office. Create a list of items or clues for teams to find and provide small prizes for the winners. This activity promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  • Volunteer Together: Engage in a team volunteering activity that aligns with your organization's values. Choose a local charity or community project where your team can contribute their time and skills. For example, the upcoming Habitat for Humanity build in Fergus. Check out for more information. Engaging in such projects fosters a sense of unity, purpose, and social responsibility.
  • Half-Day Fridays: Who doesn’t love ducking out on a sunny Friday afternoon? That little extra away time can encourage teams to relax and be more engaged when they return Monday morning.
  • Team Building Workshop: Look for local professionals or trainers who offer team building workshops or seminars. These experts can lead sessions on communication, problem-solving, or conflict resolution. They provide valuable insights and activities to improve teamwork. Reach out for our list of recommended speakers.
  • Patio Party: Host an evening on The GrandWay Patio. Your night includes reserved seating for your party, a choice of several delicious meal options prepared by The GrandWay kitchen, and of course, live racing. Your team will have a great time, you can bet on that. If you can wait until September, you can join us for our Local Biz Night on their patio! Look for more details online here.
  • Outdoor Sports Day: Organize a sports day in a nearby park or open space. Play games like soccer, volleyball, frisbee, or relay races. Divide into small groups and rotate through different activities. It promotes teamwork, friendly competition, and physical activity. Pick up all you’ll need to play the day away at Brighten Up toys and games.
  • Outdoor Adventure Day: Plan a day of outdoor adventure activities such as zip-lining, rock climbing, or ropes courses. These activities build trust, encourage collaboration, and push individuals out of their comfort zones. Explore for some local adrenaline rushes.
  • Outdoor Concert: Riverfest is quickly approaching, and the CW Chamber has access to group ticket rates. Take your fun-loving team to enjoy some tunes on the Grand River. Riverfest is a great opportunity to make memories and create shared stories. Check out this link for ticket info.
  • Participate in a Charity Golf Tournament: Allocate some of your budget to the Paul Walker Memorial Golf Tournament where your team registration supports the Chambers of Wellington County. Register your foursome online here.

The key to successful team building is to ensure that the activities are inclusive, fun, and aligned with your team's interests and preferences. These ideas allow you to strengthen teamwork within your budget. Tailor your activities to promote collaboration, trust, and communication this summer and beyond.

For more ideas on how to strengthen your team reach out to us at the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce at