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Take Spring steps to ready your vehicle for summer driving

Book tire swaps and spring inspection at Dettmer Tire

Despite short and unexpected blasts of Arctic-like weather, spring has officially arrived in the Guelph area.

For vehicle owners, that means it’s time to give their vehicles some TLC after three months of harsh winter snow, ice, slush, and salt. Even with the late March snowstorms, the first step in spring service is booking your seasonal tire swap.

“Anytime the weather is staying above zero consistently is a good time for your semi annual tire change over,” said Josh Adams, one of the current partners in Dettmer Tire and Auto Service. “Winter tires are not meant to be driven when the temperature out is over seven degrees Celsius as they will wear out prematurely. Typically any time in April is a good time to switch.”

After pushing all your vehicle systems to their seasonal extreme during the winter, spring presents a good time to plan some much-needed preventative maintenance according to Adams.

“You already have to take your tires off, so you’ll have ample opportunity to have things checked out, things like brakes, suspension, and other systems,” he said. “Salt can cause a lot of issues besides rust.”

With a lot of people working both full and part time from home, many vehicles aren’t racking up the usual kilometres they would if they were being driven every day – which means they may not feel it necessary to change their oil as often as they should. Adams says that’s not a wise move when it comes to proper vehicle maintenance.

“Even if you’re not driving as much, you should still follow the manufacturer recommendations on all oil and filters changes and checks. As a result you should still change it at least once a year, ideally twice a year. There’s condensation that can occur in the motor of an engine just sitting there.”

Things like wiper blades, which are put to the test from ice and snow, are also important to change each spring, as there can be some tearing that can get worse over time.

Swapping out or topping up fluids is another smart spring maintenance service to have done in the spring. Another thing to look for in vehicles in that may have been sitting for long period is the presence of wildlife that may ben nesting in your vehicle.

“We do get a fair number of vehicles like that, mostly as the result of squirrels nesting in the box where the air filter is,” said Adams. “That can cause some issues or result in some smells and noises that need to be dealt with as well as the occasional chewed wire.”

For anyone planning to book tire service or spring maintenance, Adams says the end of March is quieter but things pick up quickly in April and May.

Avoid the spring rush by booking now. Visit either of the two locations of Dettmer Tire, 325 Eramosa Road or 23 Cork Street East in Guelph. Learn more online here.