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Fergus coach creates Facebook page about local sports to help residents get active

'Knowing that there’s one spot I can go to make a post, or one spot I can go to ask a question, it feels good'
20220324 jessica robbins AD
Jessica Robbins is the creator behind the Facebook page, ActiveCW.

FERGUS – Jessica Robbins is involved in many Fergus sports organizations, but said she has been having trouble finding ways to share information about them online.

“As a small town, it’s easy to spread the word, but as the town grows, involving new members of the community who are not part of the smaller groups, it’s like, ‘How do we get the word out?’” said Robbins, who is a coach and house league director for the Centre Wellington Celtics, rugby coach and hockey trainer.

“When I’ve looked for activities for my kids, I’ve found it hard to search for, or I hadn’t realized it was happening until registration had been open for four weeks, or something like that, and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it just be great if there was a way for all of us to just have one place to do it?'"

Needing one place to go online for information on sports is what inspired Robbins to create ActiveCW. The Facebook page is for people to learn about local teams, leagues and activities they can join. Along with posting events, residents can also use the group ask questions about sports programs.

With other people now starting to post in the group, Robbins said having one spot where she can make a post, or ask a question, feels good.

“I’m just excited that everyone finds the page and posts the information so then even more people can find that information," said Robbins.

Since launching in February, the group has gained 125 members. From youth leagues to adult programs, Robbins said ActiveCW is for all ages.

“We’ve had lacrosse post (in ActiveCW) as well as baseball, basketball, soccer also posted,” said Robbins, “we’ve had curling, youth wrestling, kung fu, yoga, lots of different things.”

While she knows about some of the local sports programs, Robbins notes a new soccer program called GiveNGo Charity Soccer Camps, has also used the page.

“It’s one where all the fees are being donated, going to a non-for-profit, it’s not the two that are already doing it, it’s a new one,” said Robbins about the organization. “I think that’s neat they’ve found the page and they were able to post.”

Outside of the Facebook group, Robbins has been actively working on different business ventures. In November 2021, she said she launched a yoga studio with a partner called Yoga In Fergus, and is teaching yoga to children in schools. 

“I’m working with a couple of other partners right now to start another company called Move CW, which is very similar to ActiveCW, the Facebook group, and we are hoping to bring more rec sports to kids and adults within the community,” said Robbins. Move CW would bring new rec sports to Fergus, like volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball and a Frisbee league.

Active throughout her life, Robbins said she participated in junior varsity and rec league basketball teams, even meeting her husband through a pickup basketball league in Mexico. Calling Fergus a 'great place to get active' she hopes the page can inspire other people to find sports organizations and events they will want to participate in, whether for date night or family fun.

“I’ve made lots of friendships, I’ve met my husband and my kids now play," Robbins said about sports, "it’s just the way I like to interact with people, socialize and of course, it’s just a way to feel good.”

Now that it's spring, Robbins adds the group is a good way for interested individuals to start getting active. To check out ActiveCW, click here.