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LETTER: Lucas Shortreed's mom says honour him in a positive way

Judie Moore says her son had so many wonderful characteristics that should be remembered as the 15th anniversary of his death approaches
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Dear editor

The media has begun to release some of the horrific details of the accident that killed Lucas and the Halliburton's actions for the years that followed. I can tell you we were shocked, sickened and in tears as we sat in the court listening to the extent of their deceit, audacity, selfishness and complete disregard for the community and the police services.

We would all love to punish the Halliburton's as we see fit but we have morals.  We need to move on and not waste anymore of our precious time and energy.  We have to accept we cannot change the past and we cannot change the Halliburton's.

Leading up to the Thanksgiving weekend and the 15th anniversary of Lucas's death, in the spirit of Lucas, we ask you to have the courage to make some changes:

If you know who provided information to arrest the Halliburton's - acknowledge them as our heroes

If you ever wrongfully accused someone in this matter - please apologize

Donate to MADD  -  Alcohol does kill

Lucas loved his cats - cuddle a cat

Lucas was a gentle giant that loved to eat - donate to the foodbank

Lucas loved his grandmother especially baking and canning peaches with her - visit or take time to remember your grandparents

Lucas volunteered at Wellington Terrace helping seniors plant flowers  - visit a senior, plant some spring bulbs

Lucas has a memorial ginkgo tree growing near Wellington Terrace - plant a tree or a shrub

Lucas tried growing lemon trees from seeds, which led to lemons being used to obtain donations for his memorial tree fund - smell a lemon

Lucas was known for his big bearlike hugs  -  hug someone

Enjoy your Freedom – take just a little more pleasure in choosing what you want to eat, sleeping in your own bed, having a window to look out, knowing you can go anywhere at any time you want.

We have the wisdom, let's make a difference.

Judie Moore